To us, a visit to a barbershop should be a bit like experincing a journey;  dream away for a while, be pampered and listen to good music in a setting reminiscent of the 20's. Barbers in white coats, fragrances and details that tickle the imagination and give time for reflection. Let time stop for a moment, zoom out from an increasingly stressful living and get a moment to yourself. Get a total experience with all the senses present and where you don't want the treatment to end.
With inspiration from 1920s Manhattan, we have created a unique environment for those who want a different experience, so far away from disposable razors as you can get. We offer you first-class treatments with hot towels, neck massage, cut throat shaves as well as hair cuts and beard trims.
In the shop you will find everything related to male grooming; shaving tools and accessories for male beauty care - a wide range of selectively chosen and unique products.


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Regular Cut, 1 h

Your visit starts with a consultation where we talk about how you would like your hair. After that we wash your hair and you get a light scalp massage, followed by hair cutting, blowdrying & styling. We are happy to give you advice on how to style your hair yourself and what products you should use.


Price: 970 SEK (Håkan 1200)


Trim - 30 min

Quick fix, where no more than 1 month should have passed since your last visit. It's good if you arrive with washed hair, free from styling products. This will allow more time for your treatment.


Price: 650 SEK (Håkan 900)


Regular Cut & Shave, 2 h

Hair cut according to above plus knife shave with three hot towels. Yoy choose if you want to keep the beard and have it trimmed and where we only shave the lines and neck, or if you want a full close shave. The shave ends with a cold, refreshing towel. We use oils and creams suitable four your specific skin type.


Price: 1.930 SEK (Håkan 2300)


Color, from 1 h

Together we decide what color that shall be created. After the application and enough time has passed, we wash the hair and you get a light scalp massage as well as blowdrying/styling according to your preferences.

If you want to highlight/bleach/go blonder it takes more time, then give us a call to book.


Price: from 1050 SEK (Håkan 1300)


Regular Cut & Color, 2 h

Hair cut and color according to above, incl hair wash with a light scalp massage & styling. If you want to highlight/bleach/go blonder it takes more time, then give us a call.


Price 1.950 SEK (Håkan 2350)





Mr Classic Beard Cut, 30 min

Your visit starts with a consultation, where we together decide on desired style and length of your beard. The beard is then cut with scissors/trimmer into a flattering shape.


Price: 560 SEK (Håkan 700)


Regular Cut & Beard Cut, 1,5 h

Your visit starts with a consultation, where we talk about what you wish to acchieve with the visit. Then you get a hair wash with a light scalp massage, followed by haircut, blowdrying & styling. The beard is then cut with scissors/trimmer into a aflattering shape.


Price: 1.450 SEK (Håkan 1800)





Mr Classic Beard Cut & Shave, 1 h

In this treatment your beard is cut into desired shape, then you get a classic shave with a knife and three hot towels. Suitable oils and creams are applied during the treatment. Finally a cold and refreshing towel is applied to seal the pores. 


Price: 970 SEK (Håkan 1200)


Business Shave, 1 h

A classisk shave with the grains, where we also trim neck and eyebrows if you wish.


Price: 970 SEK (Håkan 1200)


Sugar Hill Cut Throat Shave, 1,5 h

Our most popular gift! During this classic knife shave you get a facial cleansing, massage in shave oil, lathering in shaving cream and altogether five hot towels that help the oils and creams to soften the hairs so they more easily can be cut off. A relaxing neck- and shoulder massage is given while the towels are applied. The treatment is ended with a finish shave in oil, a relaxing face massage and finally a cool and refreshing towel is applied to seal the pores.


Price: 1.450 SEK (Håkan 1800)


OE7 (Old English 7 Towel Service), 2 h

This, our most luxurious treatment starts with a nice, relaxing hair wash with a hairmask and scalp massage. Then follows facial cleansing, massage in shave oil, lathering in shaving cream and altogether seven hot towels, during which you are given a relaxing neck- and shoulder massage and knife shave with- vertical- and against the grains. The treatment is ended with a relaxing facial massage and finally a cool, refreshing towel to seal the pores


Price: 1930 SEK (Håkan 2300)







Our team consists of competent and internationally experienced barber with a solid and long working-knowledge of fashion, trends, aesthetics and traditions. A team composed to meet all requirements that our diverse clientele may have and where knowledge of trends around the world is of great importance.